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30-Day Challenge Results and Success Stories

  • We had 125 participants! (89 Basic, 36 Extreme)
  • 32 people filled out our Completion Survey.
  • 80% of participants, whether they finished the challenge or not, reported losing weight and feeling better.
  • The average weight loss was 5 lbs.
    The highest was 12 lbs.

Mary shares the Sam Farr Challenge results at the Congressman's
Town Hall Meeting in Santa Cruz, CA on August 28, 2014.

Participants Reported:

  • Feeling better
  • Sleeping better
  • Less bloated
  • More energy
  • More awareness about what they are eating and how it makes them feel
  • More control over their lives
  • Improved productivity

“It really is amazing how much energy, more even-tempered mood and clearer brain this way of eating brings… This is my way of eating now. – L.H.

“You were consistent, reassuring, and supportive.” – S.M.

“This challenge was an eye opener and life changer! I lost 10 lbs! I feel fantastic and will continue the challenge as a new way of eating.

Before the challenge I did not exercise at all. I'm up to 3 miles a day! I love that I don't feel bloated and fat anymore.

I didn't take any alka seltzer during the whole challenge, I didn't need it!! I sleep better and have more energy!

You've shown me a way I can keep diabetes out of my future!” – J.J.

“I finally may have found the reason why all my efforts to lower weight and triglycerides failed in the past. Mary, you make so much sense. Flour has been my downfall and I didn’t even know it. - M.C.

I have a gym membership now & I started training for a half marathon that I signed up for, which will be in August 2015.” - M.Z.

“Liked the daily messages. Reading your Sweet Fire book helped me understand the Challenge better. I've been to prediabetic nutrition classes and talked to my doctor about it, but the book helped me have more empathy for my pancreas, kidneys and liver. I have glucose around 110, so I am trying to lower that. I don't want to overwork my poor, hardworking pancreas! - L.D.

“The hardest part was doing a cookie exchange at my book club. The ladies kept going on and on about how good the cookies were. But I kept in mind how they talk about their health issues and how obese some of them are.”
- A.

“My A1C is at 7 (down from 7.8) and my thyroid is in better control. I feel more energetic and sleep better.” - A.S.

“I have participated in both challenges in July 2014 and Nov 2014 and I enjoyed both of them and liked the way they were facilitated… Thank you for the inspiration and suggestions and guidance. I ate mindfully during Thanksgiving dinner and felt comfortable and good afterwards.” - A.F.

“Lost 12 pounds and became much more aware of the hidden sugars in food.” - T.M.

“I greatly enjoyed receiving the emails daily, they really kept me motivated as I completed this project by myself. I will continue to walk/run and lift weights daily. I really enjoy seeing the results that just 30 days have done.
- S.

“I sleep better now, people are commenting on how good my skin looks and I lost 8lbs. I noticed by increasing my fat intake, my sugar cravings went away.” - N.K.

“The earlier I ate/stopped drinking wine, the better I felt the next morning.” - L.W.

My biggest success is being mindful of what I put into my mouth. I. LOVE. BREAD. And pasta dishes are a staple in my Italian, working mom household. I got creative with protein-based breakfasts instead of (easy) toast. And that 7:30 cut-off time made it harder to justify evening ice cream.” - G.C.

“When I heard you speak at the San Diego TCOYD conference I was blown away. You make it super simple to understand. The Sweet Fire book is super easy to read.

I couldn’t figure out why I couldn't lose those last pounds that were parked on my belly. Now I know it was the flour, the sugar and eating too close to bedtime.

I was also very glad you addressed alcohol. After drinking, I would eat more than I would when not drinking alcohol.

Thank you very much Mary. I know I'm going to remain healthy, thanks to what I have learned from you. And I look the way I want to look – a slim, trim healthy 56-year-old mama. With no diabetes. Even though my parents, siblings and husband ended up with diabetes.”
- R.V.

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